HMR - Competitive pay

Competitive Pay

One of the great reasons to join HMR, is our extremely competitive pay rates which we offer to our members. We truly believe in the high quality of our staff and believe they deserve highly competitive pay rates to match.

Our Business Development team not only regularly reviews Client Charge Rates but they also review pay rates for all of our healthcare professionals. If we can increase our pay due to an increased charge rate, then we will. Our reputation for competitive pay is renowned in the industry and this has helped us in attracting more and more healthcare professionals.

HMR continuously review the pay rates, to ensure we are market leaders and continue to reward our hard working and loyal members. Not only can your career evolve with us along with your skills and confidence but also your pay. You can truly develop a really special career like non other with HMR.

Refer a Friend & Earn A Bonus!

If you send us the contact details of someone you know, who might want to join, you will receive a cash bonus*. By regularly referring new members to HMR you can find (as our members do), that you can easily earn a few hundred pounds (with no actual work! Who said money doesn't grow on trees?) Wow! That sounds like a good deal doesn't it!

We will get in contact with them and if they join*, you have not only got your friend a great job with HMR but now have some extra cash! The more people you know that join and say you referred them, the more money you can get!

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