All trained nurses must have a minimum of 6 months experience in UK hospitals unless they are specifically looking to work at nursing homes, where they will need a minimum of 6 months experience in UK Nursing Homes. All healthcare assistants must have at least 6 months experience working in the UK.
If you send us the contact details of someone you know, who might want to join, you will receive a cash bonus*. By regularly referring new members to WNA you can find (as our members do), that you can easily earn a few hundreds of pounds (with no actual work! Who said money doesn't grow on trees?) Wow! That sounds like a good deal doesn't it! We will get in contact with them and if they join*, you have not only got your friend a great job but you have also got yourself some extra cash! The more people you know that join and say you referred them, the more money you can get! (* Terms & Conditions Apply).
If you work on the bank at a certain establishment, you cannot take agency shifts there with us or any other agency. Also some establishments will have some rules about changing agencies and waiting periods between moving. Please feel free to contact us and we can give you all the relevant information about your personal options and are happy to answer any questions about this subject. We will always see what we can do to help with these situations as we have built up strong relationships with all our establishments.
YES! We always enjoy welcoming back old members. We never see it as saying goodbye, more of a see you later. We always enjoy seeing our old members again and working alongside them once more, so please, if you're looking for extra shifts again, looking to work for an agency full time or just curious about coming back, please get in contact with our HR team who will do everything we can to update your compliance and get you out working as soon as possible.

The recruitment process can be achieved within days if the DBS, references and mandatory training is completed. Enhanced DBS takes on average 5 working days to come back. If you have subscribed to the DBS update service, once you have given us your consent then we can perform a DBS check immediately. Our aim is to get you out working as soon as possible quality staff will always be in demand!
If you do not have all of your training certificates, then HMR runs a great training programme for mandatory training using a combination of live practical courses and eLearning courses. We only ask you to do the applicable courses where you are unable to produce your own certificates and will never ask you to re-do any training if you already have current, up to date certificates. This means that you'll only have to pay for the training you need and this will then enable us to send you out to various establishments.

HMR continuously works hard to make sure we provide the best training for all of our members and that every member enjoys the training they sign up to. We are always monitoring feedback and always want to improve the training options, quality and cost for all of our members. We are cheaper than most of our competitors and are currently able to offer over 40 different additional training courses for all of our members, so that they can continue to grow and evolve their professional skills, no matter how experienced they are.

Our latest course for members is the All in One Day Mandatory Refresher Training day. Members can now update all their practical and E-learning courses in one day. Alternatively members who wanted a more thorough update, they can attend the 3h individual practical training sessions. This ensures we are always able to offer top quality training at a very low cost for all our members.
Our aim is to make joining HMR as quick, efficient and cost free as possible for our future members. During the course of the year, we run different joining schemes. To find out about the latest scheme, call the office on 01202 665550 Option 2 and find out! We can get you signed up, processed and out working in a number of days, if we have all the correct compliance documents!

Members rejoining (depending on if there is any outstanding compliance) can start back working immediately! For all present members, there is the Monthly Employee of the Month scheme as well as on-going refunds for Mandatory training.