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Learning Disabilities

We understand the importance of a strong bond between a carer and a client, so when working with people with learning disabilities we make this the utmost priority. We work hard in supporting clients, carers and nurses in the personalised packages we put together, so happiness on both sides is guaranteed. Our office staff work hard to maintain the highest expectations members and establishments, expect from us.

Mental Health

Here at HMR, we make sure that we understand the clients needs, lining up the most suited members, that we believe will fit your unique working environment. This means that both the client and member are happy, as we aim to tailor the perfect package for you. We continuously work hard to ensure that as our staff change over time, we continue to send out the most compatible members, to fulfil the establishments needs.


Here at HMR we provide our members with a wide variety of work. This offers them the option to evolve and learn. With opportunities for development, we can therefore assist nurses with moving up bands and carers with advancing their skills. We supply to a large variety of wards and cater for all different specialties from community hospitals to acute wards in large hospitals.

HMR - Learning Disabilities

Nursing Homes

HMR provides services to nursing homes of all sizes and needs. We can supply staff at all levels and experiences. Working with us, we provide members with a great opportunity to get to learn from the best. We have trained many members up to Supervisory level in many of the local nursing homes around the South.


Our first class Support workers always go the extra mile in assisting clients with every need. This has allowed them to build strong working relationships to ensure there is consistency and continuity. Some of the services to ensure client needs are met include assisting to get into the community, shopping, medication and personal care. HMR works alongside some of the Souths leading Supported Living services.

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