Learning & Physical Disablities

Learning and Physical Disabilities

HMR - Learning Disabilities

Here at HMR we take pride in the vast amount of experience and knowledge we have in the learning disabilities area of the healthcare industry. Learning disabilities has been our strength for a number of years and we have continued to develop this strength. HMR has been a long established provider of healthcare, specialising in learning disabilities and domiciliary care although we also cater for nursing homes and hospitals.

With learning disabilities we understand the importance of a strong bond between the carer and the service user, so when working with people with learning disabilities we make this our utmost priority. We believe that in order to create that bond and provide the best service possible the most important thing is to match the carer to each client. By developing a personalised care plan we are able to identify the service users individual needs, likes and dislikes in order to ensure the best possible match.

We have found over the years that if one of our service users is particularly unhappy with a staff member the quality of care can be affected. . We have a large selection of staff and can cater for all needs and requirements. If there is an instance when the service user is unhappy we will do our utmost to identify why and to introduce another carer to him/her.

HMR - Learning Disabilities

We also make sure that we work hard in supporting clients, carers and nurses ensuring we deliver a personalized and holistic care package. By doing so HMR ensures that both our clients and members remain happy and fulfilled; this ethos ensures for a harmonious relationship between carer and service user ensuring high quality of care.

Our friendly and experienced office staff work hard to maintain the highest standard of care is delivered by our members to each of our clients, They work 24/7, 365 days per year to provide the best support for both our frontline staff and also our clients. Making sure that we are always here for you, exactly when you need it.

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