Prize Winners

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Prize Winners

Happy New Year 2018

HMR would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year 2018. We hope this year brings you good health and prosperity.

Over Christmas, we held a draw for all our members to win money-off vouchers for purchases within WNA Group. The lucky winners have already been contacted, with a list shown below (initials):


-         T.H.

-         R.H.

-         M.M.

-         M.L.

-         V.G.

-         M.V.

-         S.V.

-         G.P.

-         P.B.

-         V.C.

-         S.M.

-         A.D.

-         A.A.

-         K.F.

-         C.H.

-         E.K.

-         A.M.

-         E.P.

-         B.O.

-         A.M.

Once again congratulations to all the winners!